“I work on concepts derived from sensations triggered by the landscapes I inhabit. The medium I choose is digital art, a painting technique based on layers of electronic material that displays on the surface the history being shown and hidden, the way we appear to the world.”

About me

Artist, designer, art director. María Cantera was born in 1968 in the city of Cipolletti, Río Negro, Argentina.
National Professor of Visual Arts graduated from the INSA, Instituto Nacional Superior de Artes, in General Roca, Río Negro, Argentina.
She holds a BA in Educational Technology from the UTN, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional,  in San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.
María lived in Buenos Aires where she worked on different projects related to architecture, art direction in advertising films, scale model design, animations and scenography.
She lived in Los Angeles, California, where she started working on digital art and new media.
Currently, she lives in San Rafael, Mendoza. Her work includes digital art, animations, graphics, web design, transmedia design, among others.
Her works have been exhibited in Argentina and Spain.


Works may be printed on 100% cotton canvas or art papers.
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